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color collection biological leather

Loving leather means experiencing it - in all of its sensuality.
Seeing, smelling and of course, feeling it.

Only ingredients whose health and ecological safety has been proven are used to produce Ecopell leather: plant based, sustainable tanning agents, synthetic colourants, and native oils and fats. Its sturdy feel and warm appeal are unique, its unfalsified surface pleases the skin at every touch. Earthy-fresh leather scents give wing to the senses. Ecopell leather is made for people who discover life anew every day.People who hold on to the good and meet change with open arms. Ecopell leather is right for them. Its natural character ages well over the years.

Homöo-Set is a recognised member business in Biokreis [bio circle] which founded the working group „Tierwohl" [animal welfare] together with Demeter, Bioland and Naturland [organisation names]. This means: Leather with the designation of „Biokreis Leather'' all comes from species-appropriate biological keeping facilities. By buying such a pocket pharmacy, you are actively doing something against mass farming.

This leather is available in following colors:
nero - nemo - mela - tobago - capri - mare


Cork is a natural product, and no trees are felled for it. Only a high quality part of cork bark is used to make cork fabric, also called cork leather. Therefore "cork leather" is an ideal product not only for vegans, but for all environmentally conscious people.


Good & favorable... and vegan!!!
Absolut New & usual Homöo-Set quality you get now our favorite pharmacie-bags in top-quality in Mycrofibre.

This collection include 5 shades:
yellow - red - apple-green - blue - turquoise