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the production

At our small, but high-quality manufactory, we lovingly craft pocket pharmacies for homeopathy, Bach Flowers, and more.

You and your homeopathics are in the right place here!
Homöo-Set is a recognised member business in Biokreis [bio circle] which founded the working group „Tierwohl" [animal welfare] together with Demeter, Bioland and Naturland [organisation names].
This means: Leather with the designation of „Biokreis Leather'' all comes from species-appropriate biological keeping facilities. By buying such a pocket pharmacy, you are actively doing something against mass farming.

pure nature: plant-tanned leather as the first leather with a biological seal!

To love leather means to experience leather in his whole sensuality, to see, to smell and of course to feel.

On the search of still better ingredients we discovered ecopell for you. Products of ecopell show with proud their natural surface and within that the unmistakably individuality: different structures of the skin, scars of injuries and moscito-bites on the fields bring automatically the authentic proof of the life under the free sky. A leather, which is only processed out of Bavarian raw material.

The world-wide biggest nature merchandise fair, the Biofach in Nürnberg, made on the February 15th, 2012 the frame of the premiere, where ecopell-leather got their certification of the International Association Natural Textiles (IVN) as first IVN-natural leather. At the IVN-Fair Stand Dr. Anett Matthäi of the Swiss Certification Company IMO Institute for Market Ecology gave the acknowledgement document to Johann-Peter and Natalie Schomisch. The IMO is one of the biggest German ecologist control Companies. It certifies worldwide Companies and products in the areas of land and forestry, fishery, drapery and leather. With the IVN-certification will again the ecopell GmbH their pioneer role rightful in case of lasting product creation in the area of leather manucaturing.

Since 1989 the IVN commits for high environment, social and health standards in the whole textile production chain. It is the first association who looks very critical at the integral examination and not only of single aspects. In the year 2000 became the first products of natural textiles with this high claim their certification. 2008 introduced the IVN their guideline for the certification of leather. ecopell is the first company which overcame with their products the high quality hurdle.

The European foundation for allergy research (ECARF) has with ecopell first time a leather label which is allergy-friendly.  With the application of the ECARF-quality seal underscores the ecopell GmbH their effort, to guarantee a most possible high skin compatibility of the leather. The award through the European foundation for allergy research is confirmation and stimulation at the same time. This way the effort will be continued with ecopell to offer a leather, which is not only through ecological sight exemplary also in medical sight.

the tanning

The tanning will be with natural fruit pod of the following plants out of a Fair-Trade Project:

On our search for more delicate indredients, we discovered for you the "ecopell"-leather. A leather which suits the highest standards in a ecological sense. Here we use only "pure nature" Can you imaging anything better for your naturopathy supplies?

Abstract of the indredients:
Tara-tanning agent ECO-361
The tara-tanning agent is produced out of the fruit ropes of the Tara-tree (Cesalpina spinosa). The trees grow mostely wild in the Andes woodes of Peru. The valuable ingredients of the Tara-ropes (tanning consistents 50%) were already used in Peru centuries before as amedicine for sore throuth. The tara-tanning agent produces a soft and cremecoulered leather. Tara-tanned leather is featering a very good light fastness of "3". Also after years there is barely a variance to see.

Valonea-tanning agent ECO-363
Tanning-aging provider are all fruit cupule from different mediterane oak types ( et al. Quercus valonea). The ripen fruit cupule with the rich tanning-agent shed on top of them will mostly be harvested in Asia Minor and in Turkey from wild growing trees. After drying and cleaning parts of the plants it self or the extract from them can be used for tanning the leather. Leather tanned with Valonea features a very good light fastness from "3-4" and beat many other Vegetabi-leather. This is also true for Tara-leather, which there is almost no variation after years.

cork & vegan

Why cork? - that's why cork:

Cork is a natural product, and no trees are felled for it. Only a high quality part of cork bark is used to make cork fabric, also called cork leather.
Therefore "cork leather" is an ideal product not only for vegans, but for all environmentally conscious people. The use of cork products contributes to preserving the cork forests and supports the biodiversity of the Mediterranean region. Cork is 100% environmentally friendly and feels light, warm and silky soft. It is extraordinarily sturdy, long-lived, robust, insensitive to stains and rejects water even without a sealant.

Cork is ...
no animal product
100% environmentally friendly - renewable - ecologically recyclable
light, warm, velvety feel soft
exceptionally durable
highly tear-resistant, dimensionally stable
gentle & stain resistant

The use of cork products contributes to the preservation of cork forests and supports the biodiversity of the Mediterranean.

Good & favorable... and vegan!!!
Absolut New & usual Homöo-Set quality you get now our favorite pharmacie-bags in top-quality in Mycrofibre.
Mycrofibre is an innovation from Italy and basis for our vegan pocket pharmacy collection.
It is 3 times lighter than leather of the same thickness, and extremely robust and water-repellent.
Of course, it is free from contaminants and its surface is strikingly similar to that of natural leather.
Processed in solid Homöo-Set-quality !!!

and in general

The rest of the materials of our pocket-pharmacies meet also the high quality standard of Homöo-Set.
We conceal only with solvent-free glue, the yarn is schoppen-spun and the tapes and tines our zippers are woven.
Since February 2008 we operate our sewing-machines with eco-electricity from LichtBlick

decide yourself for a peace of nature...

...and the love of craft art!